Justin Garber, PsyD

Justin Garber, PsyD

Searching for a therapist is difficult. Sifting through websites and directories can be overwhelming. I want to help you decide if I might be the person to help you.

My Approach:

I believe people benefit the most from therapy when they trust they will not be judged and when they have confidence in their therapist. I make every effort to accomplish these two things through my demeanor and the people with whom I choose to work.

When people trust they will not be judged, it provides a freedom to approach the thoughts and feelings that are likely limiting their relationships, work/school performance, and general happiness with life. The liberation that comes from dealing with these feelings and thoughts cannot be overstated.

The people who benefit most from working with me are willing to consider stepping out of their comfort zone. Notice I said “willing to consider.” One of my responsibilities is to help you make this decision and then to help you grow and heal. Everyone has past pain and disappointment that are influential to this day. Healing from these is what therapy does.

Don’t hesitate to reach out.
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