Helping People Make Real Change
to Deal with Real Problems.

Helping People Make Real Change
to Deal with Real Problems.

Helping People Make Real Change
to Deal with Real Problems.

Helping People Make Real Change to Deal with Real Problems.
High quality counseling for adults and teens who struggle with depression, anxiety, and mental health

Mental Health Therapist in Bergen County NJ – Psychologist Bergen County NJ


We help teens, adults, and couples navigate a meaningful process of self-understanding that can positively change the course of their lives. You may resist seeking psychotherapy because you wonder if you really need it, and while you can make it through life without therapy, its rewards can be immeasurable. We will assist you in the pursuit of greater fulfillment, peace, and joy in your relationships, work, and personal endeavors.


We treat people, not symptoms. You are more than a diagnosis. You come to us in a time of need. Something in your life has become unmanageable. Whether it be uncontrollable worry, fear of rejection, addiction, or general dissatisfaction with relationships, school, or work, we believe the way you have successfully dealt with these issues in the past is no longer working.

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Kerry Norris, LSW

Licensed Social Worker

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Ashley Elgart, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Helping you find inner peace and balance, one session at a time.
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Mental Health Psychologist in Bergen County NJ

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Frequently Asked Questions About Starting Therapy

How do I know when I need to see a therapist?
Consider a therapist in Bergen County, NJ as another resource for creating a balanced flow in your life. Therapists concentrate on identifying issues in three main areas of life – work, relationships and recreational hobbies. If you’re feeling dissatisfied with something in one of those areas of life, a therapist can help. A psychologist in Bergen County can help you learn how to make changes and create a harmonious life for yourself. If you’ve made efforts to change recurring patterns in your life and haven’t been successful, reach out to a therapist in Bergen County to talk about a path forward.
How is therapy different from talking to a friend?
Talking with a therapist in Bergen County, NJ isn’t like talking to a friend or family member because the relationship is different. The mutual care and support that is present in a family or friend relationship isn’t the same as the care and support provided by Bergen County mental health professionals. When you talk with a psychologist in Bergen County, there is a mutual goal to help you find more peace in your life. Therapists are also specifically educated and trained to listen to your story and identify core issues that are preventing you from accomplishing your goals. Talking with a therapist in Bergen County, NJ can provide new perspectives and different tools for you to make progress and understand your own patterns.
If I seek therapy, does that mean something is wrong with me?
Reaching out to a psychologist in Bergen County, NJ is about identifying something that isn’t going well in your life. In fact, it’s difficult to reach out for help. Talking with a therapist makes you brave. And, if you seek therapy it doesn’t mean that you are wrong as a person. We don’t label a whole city because of the characteristics of one street, and we don’t label a person based on one characteristic.

Seeking mental health services in Bergen County, NJ can put a diagnosis on the core issue or cluster of things going on, but the diagnosis isn’t a label. A diagnosis is a way to communicate the type of issues you are experiencing. A psychologist in Bergen County can help you identify what isn’t serving you in your life and learn how to make decisions that would allow your life to be better. If you’re in or around Bergen County, NJ and you’re looking for a therapist, contact Restorative Psychological Services today to begin your mental health journey.

How do I choose a therapist or psychologist?
The best way to choose a therapist in Bergen County, NJ is to make an appointment. Use that first appointment to learn whether or not your Bergen County therapist is a great match. At Restorative Psychological Services, you can schedule a 15 minute consultation that will introduce you to your therapist. This 15 minute consultation gives you a chance to get to know each other without the pressure of committing to more sessions. After you’ve met with your Bergen County therapist, you can decide if you want to incorporate their expertise in helping you learn the tools to change your life.
What can I expect at my first therapy appointment?
Your first therapy appointment is very much like an interview. Your therapist will ask you questions and listen to your story. The two of you will get to know each other. During the session, your therapist will ask you questions to learn your history, hear your concerns and answer your initial questions. The first appointment of talking with a therapist or psychologist in Bergen County, NJ is a good opportunity to have somebody listen to what isn’t working for you in your life.
Will my therapist or psychologist judge me?
Seeking out a therapist in Bergen County NJ is a brave thing to do. It’s difficult to look inward and decide to face the core issues that are causing you to be dissatisfied with your life. It takes courage to talk about your insecurities with a therapist, psychologist, or mental health counselor in Bergen County, NJ. Vulnerable conversations with a therapist are where some of the best and most meaningful changes can take place. Even the act of speaking about the issues in your life out loud can be therapeutic. When you talk with a psychologist in Bergen County NJ, your therapist listens without judgment. Instead, we work together to collaboratively understand you and what’s going on in your life.
Should I bring my partner to therapy?
It can be very helpful to bring a supportive loved one with you when you talk with a therapist in Bergen County, NJ. However, you don’t have to bring your partner to every session with your therapist. You may want to work with your therapist individually, instead. There are different types of therapy that address mental health Bergen County, NJ. These different types of therapy involve regular meetings with multiple people. Aside from group counseling, adults usually go to therapy on their own. Inviting your partner to a session or two can provide insight and help you and your therapist work toward accomplishing your goals.
I'm bringing my child to therapy. Will I be included in the appointments?

Parents typically participate in the first appointment. This is especially true for younger children. Parents assist in providing a detailed history about the child’s presenting problems and their development. Your participation in future appointments varies greatly depending on the child’s age. Your therapist in Bergen County, NJ will discuss with you how you will be included in future appointments. Parents are included more when working with younger children. Your therapist will discuss confidentiality issues with you if your child is a teenager.

Will my insurance pay for therapy?
Some types of insurance do pay for talking with a therapist in Bergen County. Restorative Psychological Services does not have a contract with the Marketplace, so we are an out of Marketplace provider. Check with your insurance company to find out if they cover talking with a psychologist in Bergen County, NJ. Many providers do cover Bergen County mental health services.
Does therapy really work?
There is no specified time-frame for healing and talking with a psychologist in Bergen County, NJ is not a single-visit solution to all of your problems. Instead, Bergen County therapy is a journey toward healing that involves many steps. Your relationship with your therapist starts on your first visit, when the two of you get to know each other and work together to establish goals. You collaborate with your therapist through numerous sessions to identify core issues and learn how to take steps to better your life. Talking with a therapist in Bergen County, NJ does work, but generally it takes time.