Therapy for Adolescents & Teens

Therapy for Adolescents & Teens

Anxiety and Depression

Watching your child suffer is one of the hardest parts of parenting. Let us help your child find relief from his or her pain.

The adolescent and teenage years are an important time for emotional development. Psychologists have studied how identity development occurs during this period. Kids develop the foundation of confidence, resilience, and emotional stability when they learn the skills to navigate the challenges of this age.

For the first time in their lives, adolescents and teenagers face the challenges of simultaneously managing social relationships, schoolwork, sports, and family. Tests constantly assess school performance. Group chats draw lines in the sand as to who is “in” and who is “out.” Recreational sports have become highly competitive. Some children become overwhelmed by some or all of these demands.

How to Know Your Adolescent or Teen May Need Counseling
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If he…

• Seems anxious or depressed
• Worries a lot or has seemingly given up
• Does not enjoy the things he or she used to enjoy
• Becomes angry or irritated easily
• Struggles to sleep
• Puts too much or too little effort into activities
• Cries easily
• Makes grim comments

If any of these are true, your child may benefit from individual therapy.

We help children learn to manage their struggles now, so he or she can thrive later.

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